Jan 5, 2016


5 January, 2016, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, NYC, NY

In Attendance

Tom Cayler, Deborra Mullins, Annie Chadwick, Faser Hardin, Andy Padian and Vivian Hoffman

Call to Order

Motion passed to approve Minutes from last month.

Plot Assignment Procedure                                                                                                                                            

Steve Warren attended the meeting on invitation from the Steering Committee. He explained the multi-step procedures in place to assign plots to new gardeners. The process has been carefully developed to insure fairness and consistency. It is also intertwined with plot renewal forms and requests for committee assignments, and as such there are multiple spread sheets involved. Steve maintains these spreadsheets as well as a diagram of the back garden identifying plot holders and upcoming plot vacancies.

Discussion of changing committee designations to an online sign up.

Committee volunteers will meet on February 6 to stuff envelopes for 2016 plot renewals.


Plot Committee Chairman

Discussion regarding duties specific to Plot Committee Chairman. It was clarified that the Plot Committee Chairman is responsible for identifying and enforcing adherence to garden rules. This includes plot maintenance, conducting regular walk-arounds, issuance of warnings, and identifying plots for reassignment. Additionally, it was determined that the Plot Committee Chairman will meet with new gardeners to review and answer questions regarding garden rules.

Should the Plot Committee Chairman determine that a plot turnover is required, Steve will be notified and initiate the identified assignment process. This will be handled on an on-going basis.


2016 Steering Committee Elections

Andy and Tom both plan to run for a second 2-year term, all others on the committee have served only one year and are not required to run with the exception of Laura whose temporary term ends in March. Andy will soon send an email regarding candidates for the 2016 Steering Committee.


Front Fence

The Parks Department sent blacksmiths (among others) to evaluate the condition of the iron fence. Repair estimates range from $37,000-60,000, or $250-400 per linear foot. Discussion of whether to raise money specifically for fence replacement or seek grant money.

General Updates

  • Shed: should be completed by Tuesday, January
  • Trees: scheduled to be trimmed January 7 at 9:00AM. Cost should be $1,550 plus
  • Hoses: we have new hoses and can replace the ones in the worst
  • Honey: 100 jars Our current beekeeper will attend the February meeting with a proposal for summer hives.
  • Compost: Reps from the compost committee will be invited to the February


Motion Passed to adjourn the meeting.

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