April – June 2016

April 2016
5 April, 2016, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, NYC, NY
In Attendance
Andy Padian, Faser Hardin, Laura McGill, Annie Chadwick, Tom Cayler, Vivian Hoffman, Deborra Mullins, Charles Gerber, Sandra Shipley, John Keenan
Call to Order
Motion passed to approve Minutes from March General Membership meeting.
Election of Officers
Officers for 2016 were elected as follows: Chairman, Andy Padian; Treasurer, Deborra Mullins; Secretary, Vivian Hoffman.
There was discussion of Volunteer Coordinator duties and agreed that Debbie will handle calls to volunteers as necessary.
Motions passed for Andy Padian to serve as Committee Chair, Deborra Mullins to serve as Treasurer and Vivian Hoffman to serve as Secretary.
Deborra presented the financials and the budget for 2016. Discussion regarding key fees and whether to sell over cost, at cost or less than cost. It was decided that keys will be sold for $15, making a slight profit over the $12-15 cost.
Motion passed to sell keys for $15.
Discussion over need and cost to replace the tent. Cost quoted at ~$200.
Motion passed to add tent replacement to budget and purchase of tent.
Motion passed to approve 2016 budget.
New T-shirt Design
Discussion of price, volume, manufacturer and timing in order to have new t-shirts by the Ninth Avenue Food Festival on May 14-15. Discussion on additional merchandise options. It was determined that a sub-committee is necessary for this effort. Sandra, Laura and Vivian volunteered to be on the committee. The budget indicates $1500 is available to cover costs.
Motion passed to have a subcommittee handle design and procurement of new t-shirts with budget of $1500.
Assignment of Front Beds
There is no procedure in place to reassign front beds when they become available. Annie proposed that going forward front plot gardeners should be nominated and voted on by the Steering Committee. Discussion regarding need to identify qualified and committed gardeners to tend front plots. It was further determined that this procedure will be added to the Front Bed Gardener Rules.
In anticipation of an upcoming vacancy, Annie will collect names of those interested and there will be a vote at the next SC meeting in May.
Motion passed to adopt a procedure requiring Steering Committee nomination and approval of front bed plot assignments beginning May 1.
Drinking from the Hose
A member of the garden submitted a letter expressing concern over visitors drinking from the hose. The letter identified a safety issue: we have no idea of what bacteria, lead, etc. there may be the pipes and hoses. It was decided that Andy will arrange (through DEP or other means) to have the water tested.
Decision on the matter was tabled pending results of the tests.
The family of a 30-year garden neighbor submitted an event application to hold a memorial at the garden. The Committee approved the request for a one-hour memorial on May 8.
Flyer to Post in Building Lobbies
Andy proposed that a flyer be emailed to gardeners and key holders for posting in various building lobbies. The flyer would provide dates/time of key sales in an effort to reach a wider audience and avoid surprise lock-outs, or lock-ins, and any other confusion related to the new gate key.
Discussion on the status of the two compost areas and lack of clarity regarding procedures and maintenance. It was determined that Andy will contact Anne Haas and invite her to the May meeting to discuss status of compost and kitchen scrap efforts.
Greenacre Foundation
The Greenacre Foundation would like to include the CCG in a collection of gardens to be visited by its Board of Directions in June. The Committee was pleased to comply and will arrange for the group to have access to the back garden.
• Debbie reminded the Committee that IRS Form 990N is required to be filed annually in order to maintain tax-exempt status. She filed the form this year and wanted the Committee to be aware of this requirement.
• It was reported that someone has planted around the base of the round bush, which is not authorized. Annie will identify the individual involved and inform him/her of garden rules concerning front beds.
• One of the two unassigned plots near the shed will be assigned to a new gardener with the first round of 2016 assignments. The second plot, which currently contains a storage unit, will be assigned when the shed repair is complete, the contents of the unit emptied and the unit removed from the plot.

Motion Passed to adjourn the meeting.

May 2016

3 May, 2016, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, NYC, NY
In Attendance
Andy Padian, Deborra Mullins, John Keenan, Sandra Shipley, Tom Cayler, Vivian Hoffman
Call to Order
Motion passed to approve minutes from April meeting.
Ninth Ave. Festival
Vivian reported the status of the t-shirt design and order.
•Response to the contest was very positive – 46 designs from 15 artists.
•The t-shirt sub-committee decided to produce two contrasting designs instead of one.
•A smaller order was placed so we can gauge interest then order a larger quantity in the
future. A small number of aprons and totes were also ordered with the same idea to gauge
•Merchandise will be ready in time for the Ninth Ave. Festival, and including the award to a
second design the project will come in under budget.
•Vivian will not be available on Saturday so Steve Warren has agreed to oversee that day.
It was decided that an earlier start time of 9:30 was required in order to establish boundaries of
the booth. Vivian will contact Stan to have that changed in the website sign up.
New Tent
The new tent was purchased and has arrived. There will be a time arranged TBD to practice
setting and folding up the tent.
Shed Repair/Completion Schedule
It was suggested (in advance via email) that a deadline of May 14 be set for the shed and
additional help hired to finish if the deadline was not met.
John requested that the committee provide a vote of confidence before he reported a timeline for
completion. There was extensive discussion on whether the vote of confidence should come
before or after the report of an expected completion date. John declined to discuss a deadline
until a vote was taken.
There was discussion that the current work had been arranged without a proposal, a budget or
approval by the Steering Committee. Debbie noted there was a line item in the budget of $200
for shed repair/upgrade.
Motion passed to give John a vote of confidence in his ability to finish the shed.
John reported several reasons that the current work had been delayed. This was understood by
the committee but it was agreed that because the growing season had started the shed was
needed now. An alternate timeline to put the shed in usable order immediately then finish the
detail in September was considered. John assured the committee completion was near and that
he could have it finished near the current suggested deadline of May 14 if the weather held up.
The combined costs for completion and costs to date were estimated at $2,500, as power tools
had been purchased and high-end materials used. Andy noted that this was considerably less
than last year’s estimate to replace the entire barn/shed/compost.
Motion passed to recognize May 16 as the completion deadline for the shed (provided there are 8
days of good weather), and in the event the deadline is not met an emergency meeting of the
Steering Committee will be convened to determine steps for immediate completion, and that the
budget be increased to $2500 to cover the work.
Additional Costs for Bees
Debbie reported that the budget needed to be increased to $4100 to cover the cost of the two new hives
($1800) and two packages of Italian honey bees ($300). The current approved budget for bees is $2000.
There was discussion regarding unexpected costs and the value/profitability of the honey collected.
Motion passed to amend the budget to accommodate for bees costs to $4100.
Volunteer Clean Up Day
A volunteer clean-up day has been proposed for Sunday, May 15. There was concern by the
committee that the date overlaps with the Ninth Ave. Festival. Andy will discuss with Annie about
possibly rescheduling.
It was reported that the compost areas need to be rebuilt. Anne Haas provided a written plan to
Andy Padian. The plan was not provided to the committee. There has been no discernable
progress on either the compost or kitchen scrap areas.
Andy will invite Anne Haas and Kozuo to the June meeting to review status and determine a plan
going forward, which will include setting up a committee to consider cost/benefit and make
Donation of Surplus Garden Materials
Andy suggested that surplus wheelbarrows and tools be donated to the High School for Green
Careers. It was suggested that garden reps be consulted before materials are removed, i.e.
someone on the shed committee (Debbie), a front gardener (Annie), a back gardener (Faser) and
the SC chair (Andy).
Debbie reported that the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project is interested in the plastic storage unit (the
coffin) that is currently scheduled to be thrown out when the shed is complete.
Andy asked for suggestions for a new location of the hose reel being removed from the NW
Flower Bed under the Yew Tree
Annie reported (in advance of the meeting) that that Kozuo was responsible for the unauthorized
flower bed under the Yew tree. He is out of the country and not responding to email. He will
reportedly be back later in the month and given time to remove it then.
Unassigned Bed in the Front Garden
Sandra Shipley was nominated by a steering committee member and expressed interest in taking
responsibility for this bed, which has been previously assigned to Nobue. There was discussion
regarding the high-profile location and commitment required for this particular bed. Sandra
assured the committee that she understood and was capable of making the commitment.
Motion for Sandra Shipley to take assignment of the front bed plot.
Report on Plot Assignments
Faser reported (in advance by email) on the status of plot assignments, which were recorded by
Steve Warren and provided to Faser: there were 3 vacancies so far this year, and 3 current
gardeners who swapped plots.
There is a plan to have a walk-around this weekend to identify gardeners who have not begun
tending their plots.
If construction on the shed is complete mid-May, we can begin the process of cleaning up and
returning two plots West of the barn that are currently being used to store equipment.
Kathleen Wehmeyer
Steve Warren reported (by email to Faser) that Kathleen Wehmeyer, former E-2 plot holder and
longtime gardener, passed away on Monday, April 18.
Andy requested that someone else handle research/arrangements into getting the water quality
tested for use as drinking water. It was decided that an e-mail blast will be sent so that someone
with previous experience (or current willingness) can assist or take on this effort.
Motion Passed to adjourn the meeting.

June 2016

7 June, 2016, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, NYC, NY
In Attendance
Annie Chadwick, Charles Gerber, Deborra Mullins, Faser Hardin, John Keenan, Laura McGill, Sandra
Shipley, Tom Cayler, Vivian Hoffman
Call to Order
Motion passed to approve minutes from May meeting.
Garden Hours
There was discussion about how to assure that the 20-hour Parks Department requirement for
open access to the garden is met.
Motion passed to open garden gate all day on Saturday and Sunday and during the week when a
member of the garden Hosting Team is present.
There was discussion about the food compost and the proposal to update with new bins and
paving stones.
Further discussion regarding space currently being used by food compost and plant compost. SC
members who were present at the special compost meeting held on May 16 provided some
additional information as to intentions and next steps. There was discussion about the need for
training of volunteers and limiting food scrap access to back gardeners.
It was pointed out that at the last steering committee meeting we determined that information was
needed from Anne and Kozuo, that if they came to the June meeting a comprehensive discussion
would provide key information needed in determining next steps for investment in compost
rebuilding; a compost committee would be formed to focus on that effort. Approving the current
plan would circumvent that process.
It was decided that a committee would still be formed to review and recommend a design for a
coordination and rebuild of both compost areas. The committee will consist of John, Sandra and
Vivian and begin working on this effort in the Fall.
Motion passed to approve the request for 3 new bins and paving stones for $600.
Motion passed to form a committee to make recommendations for redesign and rebuild of the
compost areas in 2017.
Front Fence
A spontaneous, surprise visit to the garden by City Councilman Corey Johnson resulted in an
offer to provide funds from his capital budget to repair/replace the wrought iron fence. The
request must be for a capital project with a budget of at least $35,000. A proposal will need to be
written and we now have contacts in his office to follow up with this new opportunity.
July 4 Picnic
Steering Committee members volunteering to work at the July 4 picnic are Annie, Faser, Andy,
and Laura. Steven Warren has also volunteered.
There was discussion of selling Tshirts during at least some part of the picnic. Laura agreed to
handle selling t-shirts and other committee members will take turns when possible.
Signs will be posted earlier this year.
Plastic Storage Shed
The Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project is no longer interested in taking the plastic storage shed.
Suggestions on how to find an interested party were made, and John accepted responsibility for
posting a photo on line to offer it for free to a wider audience. Andy is planning to remove the last
of the containers being stored and take them to the appropriate disposal location at the end of the
month. John offered to assist.
Report on Plot Assignments
Faser reported that all available plots have been assigned, including 4 sublets. All of the
gardeners that received a neglect warning from the Plot Committee chose to actively garden
again so no plots were turned over from the first plot committee walk-around.
There was general agreement among the Steering Committee that it is important for the Plot
Committee to remain vigilant when identifying back gardeners who do not maintain their plots,
and that simply weeding a plot does not meet the requirement of “active gardening.”
There will be an unassigned plot available at the beginning of July when the plastic storage shed
is removed.
Unlocking the Front Gate
Back gardeners on early weekday schedules reported to Faser that they have been unable to
garden their plots when the front padlock is not opened until mid-morning. Other SC members
concurred; the garden is sometimes opened very late, and sometimes still open at night. Debbie
was not aware this was a problem, as the padlock committee had not reported any scheduling
difficulties. Debbie will reach out to the padlock committee to confirm expectations and
availability for on-time opening/closing.
Service Dogs in the Garden
It was reported that a garden visitor had brought a small dog into the garden, identifying it as a
service dog. There was general discussion about how to determine a service dog from a pet, and
what the legal boundaries are on this issue. Laura agreed to search for NYC guidelines on the
• Volunteers for the July key sale are signed up.
• The website needs more relevant contributions. Currently there is still a notice from last year
that the lock on the garden gate has been changed.
• The t-shirts in bins organized at the Ninth Ave. Festival seemed to be missing. No one
present knows where or why they have been moved.
• Annie will repair or replace the defaced “no pets” signs.
Motion Passed to adjourn the meeting.

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