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To volunteer as a host, please email: markovich.jenny@gmail.com


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About Hosting:

Our garden is required by the City to remain open to the public for 20 hours a week. We’ve chosen 10 hours each on Saturday or Sunday. During this time the gate must remain open and secured in an open position, but not padlocked open, in case we need to close it in an emergency. We’ve tried a variety of clips and other means to hold the gate open, but those items have been removed or stolen.

Even though we must leave the gate open, it often poses a problem if there is no host on duty to watch over the garden, advising visitors of our rules and to attend to violators  (dogs, running children, smokers, etc.)

For this reason we are re-doubling our effort to have gardeners in the front-garden more hours and in greater numbers serving as “hosts”. We are asking every gardener, regardless of what other tasks you may already be assigned to, consider being a garden host for a few hours on weekends. we’re not asking for a regular commitment or for a long shift, just do what you can and according to this schedule. It’s a great time to just be in the garden to read or write, or work, but to also be present during open-gate hours to be our eyes and ears. You can also do a little work on your plot, but with a watchful eye and primary attention to the front area and gate.


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