Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – 3/11/14

Clinton Community Garden Steering Committee Meeting

Fountain House 11 March 2014, 7:30 pm
Attending:   Andy ’14, Mark ’13, Bruce ’10, Tom ’14, Margaret ’13, Stan ’13, Linda ’14, Laura ’13, Yaeko ’13, Britta ’14, Kathy ’14.
The meeting was adjourned.  All introduced themselves.
The new S/C members are Andy, Britta, Linda, Kathy & Tom.
The meeting was called to order.
There was a discussion of reponsibilities and roles.  The Chair runs meetings and sends emails out to all.  All officers can sign checks.  It was suggested that we have a calendar / agenda.  S/C members stressed that we trust sub-committees to be handled  reasonably.
Stan advised he has the password to the Google account.  It was suggested that the password not be given out to all steering committee members.
There was a motion to elect officers, which was seconded.  Mark advised he may have to come off the committee, but will likely be able to stay.
Britta was nominated as chair, seconded, Britta declined citing being new to the Steering Committee.
Andy was nominated as chair and seconded.  Bruce was nominated as chair, seconded.  There was a vote by written ballot for chair –
Andy – 7; Bruce – 4, Andy is the new Chair of the CCG Steering Committee.
Election for Volunteer Coordinator.  The Volunteer Coordinator set team leaders, & teams and oversees subcommittees.  Sets Volunteer Days including jobs which need to be done.
Tom was nominated for V/c and seconded, Tom declined citing difficulty in keeping track of hours, and not being a back gardener.  Tom volunteered to be ‘handy second banana’ to the V/C.
Margaret was nominated for V/C and seconded, and voted in unanimously.
Kathy Wehmeyer is the shed team leader.
Bruce was nominated as Record Keeper, seconded, and voted in unanimously.
Mark was nominated as Treasurer, seconded, and voted in unanimously.
Tom motioned that we order the soil amendments as previously, approx. $1,000.00  +/- 20%, seconded, voted unanimously.
Tom advised that Jenny Markovich has procured bees, they must be picked up April 5 in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania.  It will take approx. $100.00 for car rental.
Plant Sale.  Project Renewal used to let us use thier van, P/R now has a new Director and we must make contact with them.  We no longer have a cabinet at P/R and our stuff there is spread around their basement in an unsecure fashion.  Tom asked to let Jane Greenlaw make the contact at Project Renewal.
Motion to give Project Renewal a donation of $200.00 right away, seconded, voted in unanimously (Mark advised we did not make our donation last year ).  ( Mark and Bruce signed the the check for this ).
Stan asked all to email thier bio and photo if they want it included on the CCG website.
Key Sales
April 1 & 5
May 3 & 6
June 3 & 7
July 1 & 12 ( to avoid July 4 )
August 2 & 5
Sept. 6 & 9
October 4
There should be one S/C and one regular garden member for each Key Sale.
There was a Motion that Laura and Stan be the Key Sales sub-committee, seconded, passed.  Stan set up the first Key sale 1 April.
Britta volunteered for picking up the mail.
Tom brought up John Keenan’s proposal to work on the compost area soon, and also the Boy Scouts who came by looking for a community service project.  Mark advised he believes the compost and storage loft should be fundamentally redesigned to prevent rot in the future.  The following Saturday late morning Britta’s husband will meet Mark in the garden to look at the compost and storage loft.
Some queried what kind of insurance we have.  It was suggested that we may be covered under the Parks Department.
It was motioned that we do not have film or video shoots in the garden.  It was claimed that a permit is necessary to film in NYC parks.
May Day and Plant Sale are Sat. May 5.
The meeting was adjourned.

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