Minutes – September 2, 2014

Clinton Community Garden Steering Committee
Meeting 2 Sept., 2014 @ 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th St, New York City, NY
A draft of the invitation for the 30 year anniversary of the Garden was passed around.
Attending:   Andy ’14, Laura ’13, Stan ’13, Tom ’14, Yaeko ’13, Bruce ’10, Britta ’14, Kathy ’14, Margaret ’14, Mark ’13
The Meeting was called to order.
There was a MOTION to approve the August minutes, which was seconded and PASSED.
There was a MOTION to approve the proposed budget, which was seconded and PASSED.
Fall Lawn Treatment.  Tom proposed Sat. Nov. 1 as the Lawn Treatment day.  Jane has given Tom the information for the supplier for the fertilizer and seed, Tom will handle the purchase, and will advise how much compost abd topsoil he needs from Victoria and how much seed and fertilizer he needs from Gardens Alive.  Tom can ask Jenny about lead times for this.  We also need to decide how much extra we need from Victoria for front and back bed gardeners.  Cedar mulch is generally for the Spring.  We have not paid the last Victoria invoice, we are waiting for Victoria to invoice Green Acre directly.
New Signatures for the Bank Account.  This coming saturday Aug. 6 at 10:30 am Mark, Andy, Margaret and Bruce will meet at TD Bank to add Andy and Margaret to the bank account as signatories.
Sept. 30 Garden 30th Anniversary celebration invitations have gone out to elected representatives, media people.  We will have some cheese and wine and the elected reps. and some gardeners will have a chance to speak.
There has been a recent spate of vine ripping and stealing.  Also several of us went to two adjoining plots in response to one plotholder’s complaint that the other plotholders plants
shading her garden.  The plaintiff vines which extend far beyond her plot.  The defendant has a very tall rosebush which breaks the rule for maximum three foot height.  The defendant’s garden encroaches on the path, and they also have supplies stored at her plot.  It was MOVED that Andy write to both about thier various breaking of garden rules, seconded and PASSED.  We had done a walkaround and several plotholders will be contacted regarding their overgrown plots.
Committees.  All committees generally need to be more organized.  Some things are now handled by the Steering Committee which should be handled by subcommittees.  It was suggested that in January we begin putting out potential committees so they can be set up by March, ideally.  We have a few committees which are essential and which must function properly.  There was a MOTION that October and November we work on the subcommittees, seconded, PASSED.
Jane has sent a request for funding for bulbs for front gardeners.  Herb $20; Edible $20; East Round (Mike) $25; Rose $25; Raised Tree (John) $20; East Path (Suzanne) $25; Grape Arbor $25; Rock garden $25; Spruce Tree $25; West Path $25; Mark $25; Jane $35; Native $35; South Magnolia (Tony) $25; North Magnolia $25; Magnolia (Tom) $20; Children’s (Anne) $25.  These amounts were MOVED, seconded, PASSED.
Shed  Compost Update.  The current issue is there are too many corners and disorganization, which brings more disorganization.
John’s proposal has Kazuo’s 3 composting compartments, each longer, with cabinets along the East Side, with the shed raised, with space for wheelbarrows underneath, and stairs to get to the shed.  Critique – the stairs hinder accessibility, and also use space.
Mark’s proposal moves the compost to around the water faucet.  Cabinets are along the South edge.  Each cabinet will be designated, Lawn, Bees, public, etc.  This gives an open area in the middle.  Compost is also along the East side. The water hose would have to be relocated.  We might be able to harvest rainwater.  The storage cabinets should meet code, versus another shed.  Kazuo’s new compost bins ( by the water faucet ) will be lower in the new location.  It was MOVED that we put this in Mark’s hands and come up with a budget, seconded, PASSED.  Mark will discuss this proposal with composters and adjacent plotholders.  Steering Committee members will have enough time to reflect and chime in with any questions or issues.
The meeting was adjourned.

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