Steering Committee Meeting Minutes –7/7/15

Clinton Community Garden – Steering Committee Meeting
7 July 2015 @ 7:30 pm Fountain House, W.47th St, NYC
Attending:  Andy ’14, Faser ’15, Annie ’15, Tom ’14, Vivian ’15, Bruce ’10
The meeting was called to order.
There was a motion to accept the June minutes.  In the June minutes the Recordkeeper erroneously listed Jasmine as the new signator when it is Vivian who is the new signator.  With this correction accepting the Juine minutes was seconded and passed.
Andy sold 254 keys today, and the additional contributions we have received make up the higher cost of these new keys.  We will have additional keys sales in July, Tuesday 21st between 6-8 pm, with Bruce selling keys, and Saturday July 25th 10:30am to 1 pm.
The statue in the front garden is apparently not a buddha because it has a bowl for donations, and buddhas never have bowls.  There is nothing further to vote on regarding this statue.
The proposed changes to the Bylaws were discussed by the bylaws committee, and brought up to the membership, and discussed by the steering committee.  The latest proposed changes were brought to this meeting of the Steering Committee.  It was moved to accept the latest bylaws, seconded and passed.
We still have some beekeeping supplies at the Clinton Residence of Project Renewal.  Due to changes in NY state law noone can enter the building who is not staff or a resident, so Project Renewal staff will have to bring out our items and place them outside the building.  They can only do this on a monday or a tuesday.  There is a large empty steel cabinet, one maybe two regular size filing cabinets and beekeeping supplies.
Regarding watering the lawn, Andy sent an email out to gardeners advising that Tony is the lawn coordinator.  There was a motion to have Tony as the coordinator of the lawn, seconded, passed.
The coffin needs to have the poisons cleaned out.  This should be done on a saturday when we can bring the poisons to the facility that accepts them.  Bruce agreed to assist with this.
The shed rood is leaking.  It was proposed we approach the funding source that gave us the grant for the shed and gate, and ask them if we can use the funds to repair the shed roof and for re-keying the front gate.  Debbie has done a great job cleaning the shed.
There was a motion for approx. $600 for the shed rood and painting the shed, seconded, did not pass 5-1.  Andy will have a roofer friend take a look at the shed roof.
The person currently handling the bees advised that if Andy can get him a Parks parking permit he will not charge for taking care of the bees this year.  Two of steering committee members know of five people interested in becoming beekeepers.
For the fourth of July event there was a motion to raise the budget to $800, seconded, passed.
Debbie advised expeditures have increased because of the cost of rekeying, we ust keep an eye on it, and we should sell more keys.  As a plus we now have a current list of keyholders.
The seven plotholders who were given warnings have now worked on thier plots.
It was moved to have Faser head of the plot committee, seconded, passed.  The plot committee is Faser, Steve and Joe.
We will have to get new t-shirts to sell, especially the larger sizes.
It was moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded, passed.

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