Oct 6, 2015

6 October, 2015, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, NYC, NY

In Attendance
Andy Padian, Tom Cayler, Charles Gerber, Faser Harden, Annie Chadwick, Deborra Mullins,
Vivian Hoffman

Call to Order
Motion to approve Minutes from last month.
Andy has been called 4 times in the past month from people who entered the garden without a
key and were then locked in. Some stated that they were key holders but did not bring their key.
It was suggested that we have one more key sale date in November so that more people will
have access to a new key.
This will be addressed in an upcoming email to the membership using Bruce’s language for the
garden safety notice.
There was a recounting of incidents reported to Steering Committee members in which garden
key holders or visitors experienced safety concerns. Discussion regarding where best to post a
notice with the telephone number of the Desk Sergeant at the local police precinct.
It was suggested that we include instructions on calling 311 to request Parks Department (police),
as there has been a good response from them in the past.
Debbie will create and post the notices.
Motion to post a sign in the garden with the precinct sergeant and 311 number on the bulletin
board in the front garden.
Motion to add the same information to all bulletin boards.
No Dogs Sign
We no longer have a clear “no dogs” sign near the front gate and signs along the front fence
could imply that dogs are allowed in the garden if picked up after. The decision was made to
purchase 4 new “no pets” signs to post near the gate and along the fence. Charles will handle.
Garden Filming Permission
A CNN film crew was given spontaneous permission by a previous SC member to film in the
garden, by-passing established protocol. It was determined that the situation was caused by
several specific circumstances and the following were suggested to avoid a repeat situation:
· the contact phone number will be updated on the website and Facebook page and will
provide more contact numbers of current SC members;
· language on the website updated with detailed filming protocol;
· a sign will be posted in the front case informing interested parties that there is a protocol for
filming available in detail on the website; and
· an auto-reply to all incoming CCG email will be added, indicating that the account is
monitored on an all-volunteer basis and response may not be immediate.
Motion to add Annie’s number to the website.
Annie, Deb and Faser volunteered to have their contact information added to the website. Annie
will handle getting information to Stan for website update.
Garden Clean Up Day
Discussion of date for a garden clean-up day, taking into consideration SC member availability
and upcoming cold weather. It was decided that October 24 is the date.
Roof Replacement for Shed
Will be completed in one day – possibly on 10/24
May paint the shed the same day
If roofer needs volunteer assistance the Shed committee will be contacted
Honey Harvest
Andy met with our bee expert – expecting 35-70 lbs of honey (2 racks) this year
Discussion on whether to use volunteers to jar the honey or pay to have it done
Discussion re status of budget and amount to charge for jars, and establishing procedures
for sale of honey.
Motion to sell honey for $10 per jar.
Front Gardens Plots Created Without Steering Committee Approval
There was discussion regarding a front garden plot near the native bed that was created without
SC approval. There were differing opinions on the outcome of a discussion on this subject at a
2014 SC meeting, specifically whether it was determined then that (a) the bed be returned to the
lawn, or (b) it was to be reassigned to a back gardener.
Discussion on policy for unauthorized front beds as there are up to 5 that have been created
without SC approval. One suggestion was to return them all to the lawn, another was for the SC
to recognize and fund them as other front beds are funded.
Motion to wait until next month to provide time for review of notes from the 2014 SC meeting in
which this matter was discussed and settled.
Salt Order
Andy will look into product specifics.
Tree Clean Up
Discussion regarding lack of response from the city. It was decided that we will hire a service to
handle this so that the trees will be pruned at the most seasonably advantageous time. Annie will
contact the service we have previously used and get an estimate.
SC Member Replacement
CCG By-Laws require a minimum of 9 members on the SC. Due to the resignation of Bruce
Kramer, we are down to 8 and required to appoint someone to finish his term, which ends in
March 2016.
Former SC member Laura McGill has indicated willingness to join the SC to finish the term.
It was suggested that this could be an opportunity to identify new SC members that might be
interested in joining on a short-term basis but further discussion identified the time factor involved
and need to stay in compliance with the by-laws.
Motion to appoint Laura McGill to finish the term of Bruce Kramer, which expires in March 2016.
Data Entry
Discussion regarding data entry to update the CCG membership and key holder list.
Plot Committee
Discussion regarding plot committee leadership. Faser is the SC chairman of this committee but
is not in possession of the materials (wait list with contact information) needed to assign plots.
The individual in possession was uncooperative over the summer, resulting in at least one plot
remaining unassigned for months.
It was determined that Andy will collect these materials so that they are accessible by more than
one person and plots will be assigned on a rolling basis rather than annually, as per the CCG By-
Motion to adjourn the meeting.

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