March 1, 2016


1 March 2016, 7:30 pm, Fountain House, West 47th Street, New York, NY


Steering Committee Members In Attendance

Andy Padian, Laura McGill, Jasmine Sheth, Charles Gerber, Vivian Hoffman, Deborra Mullins


Individual introductions by each attendee.


General Updates

  • the controversy around the Buddha statue
  • replacement of front gate lock
  • shed roof replacement (completed at no cost to the garden)
  • tree trimming (will allow more sun)
  • plumbing fixtures (will be replaced in 2016)
  • front fence (may consider a fund-raiser for repairs)


Shed Repair

John Keenan reported on plans to finish the shed repair, a project to grind (refinish) rusty tools and asked for volunteers to assist, possibly on Sundays.


Grant Money

Grants applications for 2016 submitted ($9,800 last year). Possible use for grant money would be rebuilding the front gate or rebuilding the compost bins.



Lawn: Tony reported that the lawn was seeded in the fall and some seeding still to be done around the benches.

Bees:    Assisted by a professional in 2015; bees produced honey, more expected next year. Mosquitoes: Discussion of control methods with emphasis on awareness of standing water.

Maypole Celebration: Cindy would like to hand this effort over to someone new and would be available to teach/train them this year.

T-shirt Design: Email coming on guidelines for submitting new t-shirt designs.


Financial Report

Debbie gave the financial report:    $1200 contributed by back gardeners, $4000 in total contributions; $9,900 in sales (plants, keys, t-shirts), $6,155 provided by the Community Trust;

$2,800 provided by Greenacre.    Purchase of new keys was the biggest single expense at

$14,000. Total expenses were $24,999 which was greater than income by $2000 but not a concern, as it was the first time in 10 years and there will be no need for key purchase for a while.


New Steering Committee Members

New members voted for a 2-year term: Laura McGill (required to run, as current position was a temporary replacement), Sandra Shipley, John Keenan.

Existing members voted to a second 2-year term: Andy Padian and Tom Cayler.

John Carney Volunteer of the Year Award

Announcement of Bruce Kramer as recipient of the John Carney Award for his excellent and consistent service to the garden as Secretary of the Steering Committee.


Meeting Adjourned

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